Stephanie - Age 8

Before I started Vision Therapy I…

  • Was not able to write letters and numbers properly
  • Was not able to skip
  • I was scared to jump over logs at school (horse jumps)

After doing Vision Therapy I have noticed improvement in …

  • My warm ups because my eye is not drifting out when I make my eyes bigger
  • Swimming – using metronome beat for stroke rhythm
  • Writing number & letters much better
  • I can skip!!

My experience with Vision Therapy was…

  • It really helped
  • I loved it
  • It was really fun
  • Christine was a great teacher 

Lucy, Stephanie's Mom:

Before my child started Vision Therapy I noticed…

  • Clumsiness
  • Misjudging of distance
  • Poor writing (sloppy)
  • Slow reaction times to external stimuli
  • Low self-assessment of ability to perform in various sports/activities

After doing Vision Therapy I have noticed improvement in…

  • Hand writing
  • Increased willingness to try various sports/activities!!
  • Increased awareness of eye movement and ability to control it.

Our experience with Vision Therapy was…

Very positive! Christine was great to work with and she has a great demeanour in dealing with kids…even the occasional uncooperative ones. We certainly had challenges being able to consistently do the “homework” but were greatly helped by our school support system. 

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