Grace - Age 8

Before I started Vision Therapy I…

  • Was often seeing double and blurred vision, and people were often asking if I was looking at them because it looked like I was looking at something else instead of them.
  • I was usually telling my mom that my eyes hurt which caused me to have headaches

After doing Vision Therapy I have noticed improvement in…

  • My eyes are not seeing double and I usually don’t see blurry and people still do say that I’m not looking at them but it’s less people saying it.
  • My eyes hardly ever hurt, only when I’m coming from the shade and out to where the sun is shining bright.
  • So in short, most things improved 

My experience with Vision Therapy was…

  • That vision therapy has helped my eyes improve and has helped me have a more positive attitude to new things and helped me learn to try my best with everything I do. It hasn't just helped me with my eyes, it helped me with other things too, like school, homework, etc… and helped me see things differently.

Subilaga, Grace's Mom:

Before my child started Vision Therapy I noticed…

  • Grace use to complain of blurred and double vision very often
  • Complain of headaches often
  • Squint her left eye often to be able to see properly
  • One of her eyes would be focussing away from what she was looking at

 After doing Vision Therapy I have noticed improvement in…

  • No more complaints of headaches
  • Her vision; very rarely she complains of blurred or double vision
  • Overall – if I randomly tell her to look at me, most of the time both of her eyes will be looking straight (together)

 Our experience with Vision Therapy was…

  • For the few weeks since we started vision therapy, we have noticed some improvements with Grace’s vision. Christine has been very helpful and has been making the sessions so exciting that Grace would not want to miss a session. Thank you very much.

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