Family Eyecare Centre is a locally owned and operated clinic in downtown Victoria, BC, proud to be serving the eye care needs of Greater Victoria for over eighty years. Our eye doctors, opticians and staff are pleased to offer a comprehensive Integrated Vision Therapy Program. 

Mission Statement: We are committed to the highest ethical standards, to the investment of advanced instrumentation, and to the nurturing of long term relationships with each patient, their families and friends. Excellent service with complete integrity is the foundation our patients can rely on. Our patient’s visual needs and wellness are our top priority.

Integrated Vision Therapy Program at Family Eyecare Centre:

Vision Therapy requires a doctor to obtain specialized training, equipment and space. As a Developmental Optometrist, Dr. Nazima Sangha offers Integrated Visual Therapy at Family Eyecare Centre. Her Integrated Vision Therapy Program uses an honest, holistic approach to vision and has a dedicated, driven team aiming to improve visual function so that patients can achieve their full visual potential. 

Family Eyecare Centre's Integrated Vision Therapy program uses individualized techniques and exercises to re-organize the way the brain processes visual information. It is a non-surgical treatment that can help anyone from those deficient in visual skills, like many children with learning, development or physical challenges, to those who want to enhance aspects of their vision like professional athletes (e.g. golfers, hockey players and baseball players).

Through our Integrated Vision Therapy Program, patients improve overall visual functions, visual perception, visual integration with other senses, and motor activities. All of these will result in improved performance in academics and athletics. This can, in turn, be life changing.

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Dr. Nazima Sangha, originally from the West Coast, earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology with Honours from UBC and a Doctorate of Optometry from the Pacific University College of Optometry in Oregon. With great pleasure she joined the team at the Family Eyecare Centre in 2010. Dr. Sangha believes vision is far more than seeing 20/20. She is passionate about diagnosing and treating visual inefficiencies including those related to coordination of eye muscles, the ability to see depth (binocular vision), the ability to focus the eyes and to process visual information. She is the Clinical Director of the Integrated Vision Therapy Program at Family Eyecare Centre where individualized therapy services help people to attain their full visual potential. Dr. Sangha is also a Full A Registrant of the College of Optometry allowing her to manage eye diseases including glaucoma.

Dr. Sangha has been a Clinical Director with the Medical Program here in Victoria. She has also traveled with the Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS) and Amigos Eyecare to Romania, Honduras and Kenya to provide free eye care and eye wear to those most in need. It was in Kenya that she met Dr. LeRoy as a team member of TWECS. Locally, she has also volunteered with Special Olympics, the annual Diabetes Fair, sun-awareness programs and served as one of the youngest Council Members for the British Columbia Association of Optometrists. She also served as Chair of the the Greater Vancouver Optometric Society for two years and has earned the Tole Greenstein Award from the Northwest Congress of Optometry.